Adam LaRoche and The Exodus Road

Christian Major League baseball player Adam LaRoche

I am not a sports fan, but I am a fan of Adam LaRoche!  In 2016 he walked away from a baseball career that had guaranteed him 13 Million dollars just that year alone!
Everyone thought that we walked away because he was no longer going to be allowed to take his son to the clubhouse every day. That may have been part of the reason, but his real reason was much deeper than that.
It seems that during his break he participated in a life changing experience.
He had been undercover in Southeast Asia to fight child sex slavery. For ten days he endured the underbelly of the underworld to help children trapped in the clutches of unspeakable evil.  Many of these girls were the same age as his son. When he came back to America to play a game after what he had seen didn’t set right with him.  It’s no wonder that he felt he needed to spend more time with his son.

We can’t all do things as world changing as shut down sex traffickers, most of us can do more for Christ.

If you can please help The Exodus Road there are many more children around the world that need to be rescued from this vile trade!