The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, rules the world.

Sport, motherhood and active lifestyle concept - side view of young mother doing yoga with toddler baby at home. Squatting exercise.
I have been listening to a woman trying to convince a man about men’s privilege. While there are some disparities woman were not half as powerless as feminist make us sound. The woman, for the most part, did do the child raising. Creating the next generation, and training both boys and girls on how they should behave. We get to teach them how to treat a woman, morality in general, responsibility.. We help shape the culture when we raise a child. That is power!
These men that feminist talk about with such disdain were trained by woman. We shape young minds so we can enable them to be the future.

Yes, we were held back, but not because all men are louses like we are told.
In the past, there were no refrigerators, frozen food, very few restaurants if, to eat you would have to grow and raise your own food, and harvest it on a daily basis during harvest season, and preserve it so you could have food to eat in the winter. You didn’t just get to turn on your stove and start cooking, you had to gather wood to start a fire in your stove. During most of history, you even had to go outside with a bucket to go get water. It was a very time-consuming task, you also in most cases could not buy a new outfit, you bought cloth and made your clothes by hand. Someone simply had to stay home all day. It wasn’t about men being mean.
Why was it always woman? Biology. Reliable birth control hasn’t always been available, and marriage throughout most of history was about one thing raising the next generation. Married woman were almost always pregnant. There were not a lot of desk jobs available in the past. Most jobs were very dangerous. People did not want woman who were, or could easily get pregnant working in coal mines, chopping down huge trees or anything that could get them killed. Even most feminist today would not want a pregnant police officer working in a dangerous area of town today. She gets stuck with some sort of desk job.
There was also no store-bought formula, nor were refrigerators able to store breast milk in children needed their mother around all day long if they were going to eat. If someone was going to leave the home to find work, it had to be the man.

Never underestimate the power of nagging. Women wanted prohibition, they got it even though the men did not want it.

Why are there so few woman in Stem jobs? For the same reason, there is a shortage of men teaching Elementary schools. As unpopular as this idea is, men and woman are different. Men are better at doing things like working on oil rigs, woman are better at jobs that require diplomacy, and empathy. There are exceptions to every generality but in most cases girls like dolls, and boys like trucks. You give a boy a doll, and it will end up in the bottom of his toy box or riding in the back of his truck. Give a girl a truck, and she will tuck it in at night.

So feminist, suck it up! You are not victims, you are survivors!