Be Careful What You Tell the World

Thinker original
I accidentally watched a few minutes of one of those shows that features cheaters, paternity test, and other hyper-embarrassing things today. For the purposes of this post, I will assume that these are true stories told by real people, and not by actors like some claim.  Why on Earth would anyone want to tell the entire world that your husband is a serial cheater? Even when the need for revenge is strong, it seems as if you are embarrassing yourself for being a victim of such a louse, as much as you are embarrassing him. Imagine your embarrassment if you televise your paternity test, and ten years down the road your child figures out that their daddy might not have been the real father. Or even worse, what if your child’s classmates find out your dirty laundry from online videos and use that info to torture your kid with your mistake? The things that you post online, or let yourself get videoed on will come back to haunt you. Some of them will be truly embarrassing and hurtful, others will be junk taken out of context and abused out of spite. While there is no way to stop the second kind, at least you will have a defense for that when you tell people, the whole truth. But if you let yourself get filmed saying garbage like I heard today, there will be no defense, just pain for everyone involved.
We all need to be more careful about what we tell the world, the things we don’t mind people knowing today can be the things that ruin families ten years from now.