What is a Fetus?

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Pregnant woman with ultrasound scan Pregnant woman holding ultrasound scan in front of her belly



noun(pl) -tuses


theembryoofamammalinthelaterstagesofdevelopment,whenit showsallthemainrecognizablefeaturesofthematureanimal,esphumanembryofromtheendofthesecondmonthofpregnancyuntil birth

A fetus isn’t some non-descript thing that can be killed at will. Fetus is a stage of life for a mammal, in the case of human fetuses it is recognizable as a human. Has DNA different than the DNA of his or her mother, and father, the exact DNA that he or she will have 50 years in the future.

They are different than already born humans in some ways.

They differ in size from other humans, but a toddler is smaller than a basketball player. Is a toddler less human than…

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