Are Suffering and God’s Love Compatible?

The Story of Reality:
How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between 
by Gregory Koukl 

8 thoughts on “Are Suffering and God’s Love Compatible?

  1. I like your video.But how can we explain the Holocaust for example?It has caused so many traumas which pass down the generations .I find your talk quite good and in fact your kind face is very pleasant to see [I know that is not logical,but people who look cruel and nasty talking about Jesus put me off]

    1. This video was done by Greg Koukl, my spiritual mentor. He was the one who made it possible for me to remain a Christian when the people around me wanted me to be an atheist.
      Can a puppet love? No, a puppet can not love, free will is required for love to occur. In order for love to be a choice, there must be a choice not to love. When God created us, he gave us the ability to love him, and we choose not to.
      Hitler could have chosen to love God, but he chose to believe the worldview that allowed him to think that he and his people were special, the pinnacle of evolution. In his worldview the Germans were human, and everyone else was less evolved creatures, not and not quite human.
      Since he refused to listen to God, he made up his own moral compass, and that let him decide that speeding evolution up was a “good” is his eyes, and in order to speed up evolution, he had to get rid of the non-Arians. Several holocausts took place during the last century, and they were all made possible when the real God was ignored, and the state became a false god for a power-hungry dictator.

      Why did God allow it to happen? I doubt that any human could explain it fully, and I would be quite worried about anyone who could feel good about what happened, but hopefully, I can explain it well enough that you will be able to see that it is possible that God can make good come out of anything.

      The ancient homeland of the Jews was Isreal, because of the Halocaust they got their homeland back. It was a high price to pay, but history hasn’t been kind to the Jews. I seriously doubt that they would have gotten it back without the holocaust. It also made America, and probably several other countries realize that we should be more involved in getting rid of the injustice, and alleviating suffering in other countries. Pre World War two, America had a hands-off policy for most of the world, but now we are the most charitable country in the world.
      Cell phones, seem like such a small thing for someone as old as me, but they have saved countless lives, and would not have been possible had America not gotten involved in World War Two. There are many other good things that point to the day that will make it possible that we will see it from another perspective.

      Something that gives me comfort is to know that while life on this Earth can seem intolerably long, in the perspective of eternity it is just a very long day. When it is over we will either go to a place of perfect grace or one of perfect justice, either way, unfair suffering will be gone forever.

      This subject is a lot to take in, and a lot to explain, please feel free to post follow-up questions.

      1. I was a Catholic as a child .I know all those arguments but all I can conclude is God is not omnipotent.My husband went to a Museum in Prague with children’s drawings from Auschwitz. Even with the good things you mention I don’t find it acceptable.Also Israel itself is a troubled country.I did like your Spiritual Mentor

      1. Well it is nearly black but it could be navy.Since I had some major eye surgery I find this hard to look at.In the Reader I find it easier

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