Istanbul not Constantinople

Most people seem to think that Christians are to blame for the Crusades, they are wrong, but few are interested in a long history lesson, and even fewer would believe it if you told them the truth. It’s even been drilled into many Christians that we are to blame for them.

Here is a way based in common “knowledge” that might get them to consider the truth.

Most everyone has heard the song above, there is even an older version of the song done in swing style.

Huge numbers of people know of Constantine, they have been lead to believe that Constantine invented the Bible, they are wrong about that of course, but they are right that Constantine considered himself a Christian. Constantinople was named in honor of this Christian emperor. It is no longer named after him because the Muslims took it over, the Christians that lived there were either forced to convert, enslaved, or even killed. Thus the Christian town of 1000 years, was renamed for it’s new Muslim inhabitance.