Divorce is horribly painful for boys | WINTERY KNIGHT

I know that sometimes a divorce is a necessary evil, physical abuse, abandonment, all other ills that can make you fear for you or your kid’s safety. I am not judging, but we must as a culture quit acting like divorce is no big deal! We are hurting our kids! Please think long and hard before getting a divorce, especially if you have kids. We should also be more cautious about who we marry. It isn’t about who makes our heart race, it’s about raising a family in the best situation possible, and that is with a mother and father with a genetic connection to them. Sometimes we have to make due with what we have, but if you haven’t married yet, don’t settle, pick a partner that will stick around for their kids, even when times get tough!

About a month ago, one of my friends ECM committed suicide. He used to send me a lot of stories for this blog. Whenever we talked about his background, he would always point to his parents’ divorce as something that really hurt him badly, and caused him to abandon the faith of his childhood for drinking and promiscuity in college. I found an editorial on Fox News that talks about some of the things that he told me he had experienced.Suzanne Venker writes:Broken homes, or homes without a physically and emotionally present mother and father, are the cause of most of society’s ills. “Unstable homes produce unstable children”

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