The Truth about the Crusades

Christians are often shamed by the Crusades, but should we be? While some of the actions that so-called Christians committed were definitely wrong, I am in no way ashamed of the Crusades in general. When the religion of Islam was first created Christians were peacefully in charge over much of  the then known world, most notably Southern Asia, Northern Africa, and Italy. In the almost four centuries before the First Crusade Christians were struggling to deal with the almost consonant Muslim aggression. They had taken three of the five Christian centers, had violently enslaved the Christians that they allowed to live, Rome had been attacked, two of our holiest sites had been desecrated, and Constantinople was facing a Muslim threat that would eventually turn it into Istanbul, by Muslim violence.
The very idea that the Crusades were unprovoked, bloodthirsty raids on innocent people is pure madness!

I also suggest God’s Battalions: The Case for the Crusades by Rodney Stark
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