10 Little Known Heroes of the Holocaust 

Today January 27,2018 is Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Instead of concentrating on the horrendous evil that was the Nazi Holocaust, I think it is appropriate to also remember those who risked everything to help as many Jews as possible escape with their lives.  Some of these people were essentially nobodies until found their opportunity to be the world to someone in need.
I don’t care how small that you think you are if you are doing God’s will, you can move mountains!


When we think of Holocaust heroes, most of us think of Oskar Schindler and his famous list. Yet Schindler was just one of many men and women who took a stand against Hitler’s Final Solution. Here are ten little known heroes who risked everything they had for their fellow human beings.

Source: 10 Little Known Heroes of the Holocaust – Toptenz.net

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