Mitch Teemley

Winter road-day

To you who are

in emotional travail

who long for healing now

right here where you are

I want to say

healing awaits

because it does

But it is not here

It is in a place

to which you must travel

Why? you ask

Why can I not be healed here?

Because this place

is the cause of your affliction

Therefore you must leave

and take nothing with you

If you listen you will be led

and the One who leads you

will offer succor along the way

He will not, he cannot

take away your travail

but when you arrive

even before you arrive

the moment you see your destination

you will know

that the person who left

no longer exists

and the person who has arrived

is the destination


What is this? For years I suffered anxiety, so much so that I considered anxiety my defining…

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