Is the Bible an instruction manuel?

An Opened Bible on a Dark Chalkboard Surface

    There is an old saying that is still going around today the  “Bible is Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”  There is another saying that is sometimes attached to this, and that is “When all else fails, read the instructions.” That last saying is said because people rarely read the instructions on anything.  Many would rather cuss up a storm while trying to put something together than read the instructions!  Yes, the Bible has instructions in it, which make the world an easier place to live in when followed, but it is so much more than that!

Is the Bible a love letter from God to us?  On one level you could say that it is, in fact, I have said that it is a love letter myself, but it is so much more than that. When you delve down deep, it is God’s Biography! There are many books that tell you not to steal, cheat, and give you other details that make your life easier, there are many love stories in the world, even some that talk about one person gives his life for another.  The Bible stands alone. I guess it is OK to use the illustrations on occasion, but keep in mind that it isn’t just any small thing, it is the Biography of God, and much more.