A Filmmaker’s Journal | Mitch Teemley

I am highly intrigued by this, I can’t endorse something before I’ve seen it, but please look into this for yourselves, and if you can’t financially support it, pray that this movie furthers God’s Kingdom.

Two years ago I pitched a compelling story of forgiveness to a faith-based production company in Ohio. They liked it and agreed to make it one of five feature films they would distribute primarily via video-on-demand and DVD. The following spring, I wrote, directed, and produced the movie, with the help of a wonderful cast and crew.“One of these things is not like the others.” Then late last year, while we were in post-production, it became apparent that Over-the-Rhine, named for the urban Cincinnati enclave where its story takes place, was darker, earthier, and more universal than the other four films. When a Hollywood distribution rep saw it, he said, “This should be seen at as many movie theaters as possible, not just on video.”So we tested Over-the-Rhine at ICFF, the largest Christian film festival in the world, where it received nominations for Best Picture, Most Inspirational Picture and Best Score, and received a special Honorable Mention. More importantly, however, the audience claimed it as their own; many called it the most powerful faith-based movie they’d ever seen.

Source: A Filmmaker’s Journal | Mitch Teemley