Are you Christian, because of where you were born?

    Many people say that we are Christians because we were born in a Christian country around a Christian culture.  While this may be true for some, many people change religions, and many of them pay a cost for that change.
There are laws in many Muslim countries that say if you leave Islam, you deserve to die, and many do die for their new faith.   Even the infamous Athiest  Christopher Hitchens,  had a brother named Peter that became a Christian who wrote a book called “The Rage Against God (subtitle in US editions: How Atheism Led Me to Faith) ”   Which was an answer to his brother’s book “God is not Great. ” There are people all over this world who are dying in the culture they were brought up in, because their faith, doesn’t match their culture’s faith.  If faith were just about geographic location, and local culture, this would never happen.
What about the person making the charge of religion being the response to geographic upbringing? Were they raised in an atheist culture? Most were not. They became an atheist because of a tragedy that happened, unanswered questions, or something their teacher said…  their reasons are more complicated than that.
There are many reasons why a person could be the religion that they are, instead of assuming that reason, we need to ask the person holding the beliefs what their reason is.
I can’t tell you how many times I have been told what I believe by someone who barely knew me, and they were completely wrong! Don’t make that mistake, the people who do look very foolish. Instead, talk to them, and treat them like the individuals that they are.