Is moral law created by societies?

Judge with gavel
I have done a lot of research on the Nazi era and came to an inescapable conclusion,  as horrible as those atrocities were, most of the main players thought they were doing what was best for their society. They actually believed they were doing the right thing!    During the Nuremberg Trials, many used the excuse that they were following orders, and were only doing what was right in their society.

This fact causes a problem for many in today’s society who believe that there is no higher moral law than what the society creates.   You see Hitler,  Herrmann Goering (who was to be Hitler’s successor ) as well as many others were the society.  If the morals a society chooses are right by definition, then what did they do wrong?   In fact, very few people wake up in the morning and say that they are going to do something evil, yet great evil happens all the time. Almost every day the news proves this.  Almost everyone has reasons that they use to “justify” what they have done, so to them, it isn’t really wrong.   If entire societies can be wrong about what is moral, then they can’t possibly be the source of morality, yet this has happened time and time again on the world stage. Every war had at least one group of participants that were morally wrong, yet they believed that they were right.

What if moral law just is? Why should we follow it? After all,  gravity just is, and we create ways to circumvent it all the time.  Is it wrong to fly an airplane?  If morals are just natural occurrences, then there is no oughtness about them, like gravity we should be able to circumvent the rules, but as the Nurenburg Trials concluded, the moral law is even when individuals or societies disagree with it, or find convoluted ways to get around them like defining away personhood.

I see no escape to the conclusion that if there are things in this world that are wrong, even if society thinks they are right, then there has to be a moral law giver that is above society.

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