Bored in Heaven?

Mitch Teemley

Are there too many ‘Christians’ in the world, and not enough disciples?  In his book The Divine Conspiracy, renowned philosopher-theologian Dallas Willard puts it this way:

“It might prove helpful to think occasionally of how, exactly, I would be glad to be in heaven should I ‘make it.’ Will it be like a nice, air-conditioned luxury hotel with unlimited room service and spectacular amenities for eternity? I often wonder how happy and useful some of the fearful, bitter, lust-ridden, hate-filled Christians I have seen involved in church or family or neighborhood or political battles would be if they miese party,schlechte laune einsamkeitwere forced to live forever in the unrestrained fullness of the reality of God…and with multitudes of beings really like him.

“There is a widespread notion that just passing through death transforms human character. Discipleship is not needed. Just believe enough to ‘make it.’ But I have never been able to find…

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Jesus Paid It All and You Really Don’t Want to Pay Your Own Way (Part Two) | The Recovering Legalist

Our sin separates us from God, yet He created us to commune with and worship Him; therefore He hates anything which separates us from Him.God hates sin because we will love our sin more than we love Him. God is love, loves us and wants our love. He hates anything which diminishes that love. James covered this in his epistle:

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An Atheist Feminist Converts to Christianity, Nicole Cliffe. | James Bishop’s Theological Rationalism

Nicole Cliffe, a former atheist who is now a follower of Jesus (1) (2), is the co-founder and co-editor of the website The Toast. She was also a former writer for the website The Hairpin and now cu…

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Flying Monkeys | See, there’s this thing called biology…

Mel wrote a great post called, What Kathy Griffin says about us as a society.  If you want a well written post about “why” this matters, about the heart and root of the problem, have yourself a read.For me, mercy, grace, forgiveness, that state of being we try to extend to others, does not cast Kathy Griffin aside and alone, it actually names the evil, and takes responsibility for its existence as a community problem. That is not to say she is not totally responsible for what she has done, it is just that she does not carry that burden alone in a cultural context. “We” allowed it, bought tickets for it, funded it, ignored it, let it go, and actively condoned it. The collective “we,” so “our” hands are not perfectly clean either.We are required, morally obligated even, to name evil for what it is, and then to take responsibility for having allowed it to come into being and for not having stopped it sooner. That is how I approach things anyway, with some symbiosis in mind, an awareness of how we are all interconnected. The idea of forgiving Kathy Griffin didn’t even occur to me, because earthly condemnation and social media aside, it never even occurred to me to hold her in condemnation. She just is what she is. So what do we plan to do about it??

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