Stephen Fry being investigated for Blasphemy.

Sad to read that Stephen Fry is being investigated for blasphemy.  It isn’t the Muslims that are mad at him, it is Christians, so he only has to pay a fine, and won’t suffer the death penalty, but what do you think the response will be? Do you think he will fall on his knees, and repent? No , most likely he will hate Christ more than ever, with many of his fans sharing the same ill feelings.  Instead of charging him with a crime, we should answer his questions.  His crime was questioning a God who would allow children to get bone cancer, and other terrible things.  Since he mentioned children with bone cancer specifically, I am assuming that he knows a child with bone cancer. Believers have been known to question God under such circumstances, how can we blame a non-Christian for it?  The problem of pain is a big question, and it does take some study to answer that, but learning the answer and telling it to him, especially in forums that his fans can see, will certainly be more productive than making him hate God even more by charging him thousands of pounds for expressing the pain in his heart.

If interested in reading more, try this book
The Problem of Pain, by C.S. Lewis

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