“On Redefining Words and Character Assassination”

See, there's this thing called biology...

On Redefining Words and Character Assassination click here

Just really enjoyed this post from over at Sheologians.  I think I found a fellow soul mate.

Click to read the whole article, it’s delightful, but one of my issues recently can be captured in this one sentence from the post that had me just rolling on the floor, “I take all of this to mean, don’t assassinate anyone’s character, you warring, low-down, no-good evangelicals, capiche? “

Precisely! I’ve grown a bit tetchy lately with the number of people messing with my head lately. “Messing with my head” is when you seemingly talk out of both sides of your neck at the same time and it comes out as garbled irony. Good for comedy I suppose, but not much else.

Garbled irony like Lady “priests” deeply concerned about the serious crisis of authority affecting women, stemming from……unsupervised lady bloggers. Apparently we are responsible…

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