The Bible and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was an incredibly beautiful, and an incredibly sad story.
So many ugly and heart breaking stories wrapped up in that book.
The story wasn’t “true” but was inspired, by a slave who escaped to Canada named Josiah Henson. Josiah helped  other escaped slaves settle in Canada, and become self sufficient.
She borrowed from other real pieces of history as well.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, the writer of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, was  a Christian. Her interpretations of the Bible shows it’s depth of beauty , and it’s ability to be misused by unscrupulous people.
I won’t get into an in depth conversation about slavery here, but the book was filled with biblical scriptures rebuking the practice of the type of slavery that is so common in political discourse today. There is a “type” of slavery that the bible tolerates, and that is indentured servitude. While other cultures were killing, and enslaving permanently people for going into debt, the Bible allowed people to work off their debt, by people working as slaves for a limited period of time, and the slave owner had rules to follow, which made it more humane than slavery elsewhere.

The phrase Uncle Tom is often used to insult black people, saying that they are a traitor to their race, those people have clearly never read, or at least understood the book. Uncle Tom was in fact a hero! Anyone should be proud to be called an Uncle Tom!

I highly recommend the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin which can be purchased at, a small portion of the proceeds will help me continue writing this blog.