The Wall

Some say that America is great, because it is diverse, I believe that the reverse is true. America is diverse, because America is great!

     In Berlin after World War 2, the Soviets had a huge problem. The policies of the Soviets terrified the people living under Soviet control, so much so that 20% of the East Germans had left. Most of the people who left were the strongest and brightest of the population. They knew that if all the people who could leave, actually left, their society would be crushed. No system can survive without workers or thinkers, so in an effort to prevent those people from leaving they built the Berlin Wall.

Here in America, we are wanting to build another wall that many are saying  is as evil as The Wall in Germany, and comparing Trump to Hitler for wanting to build it.
Hitler was dead before the Wall was erected, so it would be more correct to compare him to Stalin, but not even that is correct, because the purpose of these walls are completely different. The Berlin wall was meant to force people to stay under Russian control, our wall is meant to keep people out.
You see, if America were as bad as many would have you believe, we would need to keep people in, like they did in East Germany, but that is not our problem.
Here in America, even the people who say that they will leave for good, just turn out to be teasing.  We have people from all over the planet wanting to come here!  If our country wasn’t special, most people would rather stay at home, around people that they know and love. We instead have people who leave behind their loved ones, a lifetime of property and risk everything they have for a chance to come to America. They don’t do that because they want to become part of a diverse population, they do that so they can experience freedom, and the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

I wish we could help the world, but half of the world’s population makes less than a dollar a day.   We can’t possibly take on that many people, and still have a nation worth coming to, but if we could encourage the strongest and the brightest to stay where they are, we could help them make their birthplace a better place to live, which would benefit everyone.