America’s Bible Legacy | Museum of the Bible

America’s Bible Legacy The Founders, America’s historic heroes, highly valued the Bible’s teachings on morality, just like you. Many Founders supported the efforts to make the Bible accessible to the citizens of the new nation. Declaration of Independence signer Benjamin Rush was vice president of the Philadelphia Bible Society — America’s first official Bible society organized in 1808. Thomas Jefferson donated money to the newly-formed Virginia Bible Society. Elias Boudinot, President of the Continental Congress, was one of the founders of the American Bible Society. America was built on freedom, with the Bible as the cornerstone of its moral and religious heritage. It’s difficult to even think of American history without considering its inextricable link to the Bible and those leaders who attempted to pattern their lives and ideals from it. From the Bible’s central role among the earliest settlers in America, the planting of churches in the pioneer communities, and the founding of great colleges such as Harvard and Princeton, the Bible has both informed America’s national journey and served as an icon for every age.

Source: America’s Bible Legacy | Museum of the Bible

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