Is there ever a good reason to use a gun?

Should this frightened woman protect herself, or let some creep kill her?
Should this frightened woman protect herself, or let some thug kill her?

To hear some people talk, there is absolutely no good reason to own, or shoot a gun. If that were true a bad guy could go into a school, with a gun, while loaded down with ammunition, and the moral thing to do would be to let the bad guy kill hundreds of kids.

Any view that believes that the death of hundreds of innocents, is better than the death of one bad guy, is repugnant!

I know some would say that you could call the police to stop the shootings, but the police would use guns to end the shooting as well. If it is wrong to use guns to defend yourself, it is also wrong to ask police to defend you as well.

When the Columbine school shootings occurred the shooters had been in the school for 50 minutes. Do you realize how many people two bad guys can kill in 50 minutes? If Eric Harris, and  Dylan Klebold’s day had gone as planned hundreds more would have been killed with the various types of homemade bombs they made. Could it really be considered moral to let this behavior go on while waiting for the police to come in and put a stop to it?  I don’t think so!

Killing is always a sad thing, it doesn’t matter what tool was used to do the killing, it could be poison, a baseball bat, a car, I once even heard of a person murdered with a weed eater! But it is considerably less sad when a few bad guys get killed, then it is when innocent people are killed. The sooner the bad guys are stopped, the fewer innocent people get killed. If the bad guys are given enough time they could actually get away and kill even more people at a later date before they get caught. It should be a simple matter, stop the bad guys in any way possible, using guns, if necessary.

It’s funny that the same people who complain about the violence in the Hebrew Testament, say that God would never endorse violence, even in matters of self protection.
The God of the Hebrew Testament and the God of the New Testament are the same God, so at best they have to give up one of their objections, is God against all violence, or is he ultra-violent?

Feel free to comment with opposing viewpoints.