MercatorNet: Ideas that are killing humanity – and the case for life

Zoos with humans on display; an academic who wishes publicly that 90 percent of humans would perish from ebola; suicide tourists; “after-birth abortions” – what is the world coming to? In a new book, The Death of Humanity: And the Case for Life, history professor Richard Weikart examines the intellectual currents that produce these shocking phenomena and defends the sanctity of human life. Here, Professor Weikart answers some questions from MercatorNet. ‘The Death of Humanity’ is a sombre title. Are things really that bad? What do you mean by it? My title refers to the way that many intellectuals and scholars in our day have tried to deal a death-blow to the Judeo-Christian view that human life is valuable.  Peter Singer with his book, Unsanctifying Human Life, is a prime example, but I provide dozens of examples of secular thinkers who have promoted dehumanizing ideologies.  Some of them view humans as nothing more than machines, while others see us as nothing more than another animal produced through millions of copying errors (mutations) over eons of time.  Multitudes of educated people in our society think humans are just a cosmic accident with no value, meaning or purpose.

Source: MercatorNet: Ideas that are killing humanity – and the case for life