Bruce Jenner went to Church

Recently,  I heard that Bruce Jenner went to church, and the Pastor prayed with him. I rejoiced. But I just found out that not everyone was happy about this, in fact some Christians got mad at the Preacher. I am not a major sports fan, so I have never been a fan of Bruce. I am not a fan of how he mutilated his body either. I am however a fan of Jesus Christ, the perfect preacher. Jesus sat down and ate with tax-collectors, prostitutes, and the formerly demon possessed.  Yes Bruce is a sinner, and sexual perversion is a terrible stain on our church and our planet. Bruce is something else… a creature made by God, in God’s own image.
The only sin free person that ever walked this planet was and is Jesus Christ. If it is wrong for a preacher to pray with a sinner it is wrong for a preacher to pray with you, because you are not perfect either.  As long as sinners are open to hearing about the better way Christ laid out for us Church is exactly where they should be.
Unless it turns out that Bruce is trying to get the church to be accepting of his sin, I say that Church is exactly where he should be!