One of the toughest jobs.

On Facebook someone actually claimed that Pastors don’t have a “real job”. I beg to differ.
The best pastor in the world Jesus Christ, and he needed to get away sometimes to refuel both physically and spiritually.

His shoes are to big for anyone else to wear.  If Jesus had to rest, just imagine the strain that mere humans who are preachers have to endure.
Yes, there are some pastors that hardly work at all, but lazy people exist in almost every profession.  The best pastors would burn out in no time flat without divine help. Pastors often bare the deepest darkest burdens of the entire congregation.   They know how many people have caught their spouse cheating, they spend time in hospitals with babies in dire health, and cry with the parents, They bare burdens that the lucky would never imagine.  They don’t just work when the church doors are open. They get called by grieving people at 2 AM in the morning , who don’t realize that the pastor hasn’t had a lick of sleep, they study the Bible and works of apologetics so that they can have answers for people who question faith in God. They create sermons that won’t put their congregation to sleep. The list of things that pastors do goes on and on…seemingly forever. They are usually underpaid, and struggling to make ends meet.

The best pastors not only have a real job, but a job that isn’t even possible under human abilities.

Please pray for every pastor you know!

One thought on “One of the toughest jobs.

  1. Wanda, I agree with your call to pray for our pastors. I’ve heard a quote that supports your post: “More pastors suffer from a broken heart than a swelled head.” They need our encouragement too.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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