Internet Memes


In this day of Facebook, and Instagram I think we have all posted a meme or two. I am sure some would say that I post way to many memes.  While short post like memes can serve a purpose, we should keep in mind that few things can be boiled down to a sentence or two.

For example: It could be said that we go to Hell because we don’t believe in Christ, and all Christians understand what that means. It also sounds really petty to non-Christians. The truth is that it is slightly more complex than that. We go to Hell, because we sin.  We all deserve hell. Some of us avoid that deserved destination, because we are given the gift of grace by someone we know and love, and that is Christ. To non-Christians Christ is a stranger so they won’t accept a gift from him. To us it can seem nit picky to drag out the explanation for that long, but for non-Christians it can make a world of difference.

There is nothing really wrong with memes, but we should not depend on them along to do our evangelism. We need to be prepared to give bigger, and more detailed answers to our non-Christian friends.