Our Common Ground

Source: Our Common Ground

by Wendy L. Macdonald
Our Common Ground Mutual respect cultivates seeds of friendship our common ground Wendy /2015 ~ These trees, different from each other, share common ground, and the park is made more beautiful because of their harmony. ~ ~ Finding where we agree and share commonality is a great way to prepare a field for sowing God’s Love. […]

 Our Common Ground

Laws of physics and morality

The laws of physics and the laws  of morality have a couple of things in common. Even if you don’t believe in them they apply, It doesn’t matter if you like them or not, if you try to break them chances are someone is going to pay a price, sometimes the cost is small, sometimes they are devastating, and sometimes the even kill.

Anyone who has fallen on the floor, or suffered the effects of a crime knows in their heart that I am telling the truth.

Thoughtful last words | Quote of the Day | Christian History Institute

Catherine Booth was co-founder of the Salvation Army with her husband William Booth. She was a masterful preacher and writer and saw many souls won to Christ. She died of a painful cancer on this day, 4 October 1890. Unable to speak near the end, she pointed to a verse that had been her life text, “My grace is sufficient for thee.” Her last audible words were thinking of others, as for example when she urged her family and friends to take turns watching at her bedside so as not to wear themselves out. Almost her last audible prayer were the words of today’s quote, showing her concern for her daughter Emma: QUOTE “Lord—let the end be easy—for Emma’s sake.”

Source: Thoughtful last words | Quote of the Day | Christian History Institute