Was Abraham Wrong? Answering Rachel Held Evans, Part 1

Was Abraham Wrong? Answering Rachel Held Evans: Part 1 Bible Perplexities, Message Series
by Jean E.
Does conscience require us to stamp the story of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac as false or Abraham a moral failure? “The Sacrifice of Abraham” by Rembrandt, 1635: In this earlier work, the angel knocks the knife from Abraham Best-selling author Rachel Held Evans has a popular blog, speaks frequently, and has published three books through the Christian publishers Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. One of her blogs garnered a lot of attention: “I would fail Abraham’s test (and I bet you would too).” You may recall that in Genesis 22, God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac on a mountain. The aged Abraham and young man Isaac go to the mountain. Isaac allows his father to bind him and lay him atop a stack of wood, but as Abraham takes up his knife, an angel stops him. Abraham then sees a ram caught in a thicket behind him and sacrifices it instead.

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