Opportunity Versus Outcomes – Thomas Sowell – Page 1

A lot of people believe that Christians and Republicans do not believe in equal opportunity, but we do.
The outcome of those opportunities are different however.  Someone with a natural talent, who works hard and studies hard deserves a better outcome in life then someone who hardly bothers to show up. 
“Wealth, Poverty and Politics” does not accept inequality of opportunity. Instead, it reports such things as children raised in low-income families usually not being spoken to nearly as often as children raised in high-income families. The conclusion: “It is painful to contemplate what that means cumulatively over the years, as poor children are handicapped from their earliest childhood.” Even if all the doors of opportunity are wide open, children raised with great amounts of parental care and attention are far more likely to be able to walk through those doors than children who have received much less attention. Why else do conscientious parents invest so much time and effort in raising their children? This is so obvious that you would have to be an intellectual to able to misconstrue it. Yet many among the intelligentsia equate differences in outcomes with differences in opportunity.

Source: Opportunity Versus Outcomes – Thomas Sowell – Page 1