The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.

That tidbit may have been said for warriors, but it is true in a lot of other things as well. Sports teams that practice a lot, tend to win more than teams that don’t practice. If you have been trained to cook in a good cook’s kitchen, not only are you less likely to add too much salt to something, but you will be knowledgeable enough to know that chopping a potato in half will suck out much of the salt, possibly saving the whole dish.

     Most Christians don’t seem to train very much. I have published polls about how many people have read the entire Bible and only TWO people said that they had. Yet we live in a day when we are faced with as many anti-Christian battles as the first Christians had. So much of what the world throws at us today has good answers, but if we just respond with “the Bible tells me so” they will not listen to us any further, because they do not believe in the Bible. We must train to be good warriors for Christ, so the anti-Christian people don’t smash us to bits on the battlefield. Judging by the rate of kids that are leaving the church it really looks like we Christians are taking a beating in the marketplace of ideas, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We must train ourselves to love God with all of our minds, like the Bible tells us to, and pass that info onto our kids so they know for certain that our God is the real God, and that there are very good reasons to follow what he said.

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