Sin causes a multitude of pains.

We as a society have developed a casual attitude about sin, and have even gone so far as to use the law to legitimize it.
It is at our peril! God doesn’t make rules just because he can. The creator of our universe is in the best place to know what actions will help us, and what will hurt us. The same way the engineer of a product can create a list of warnings on how to use, and not use his product.  When we refuse to judge, and even worse legitimize sin, we are not only telling our creator to take a hike, we are telling the people who get hurt by that sin that we don’t care if they get hurt!  Love doesn’t say judge not, it says be careful how you judge, and don’t abandon the sinner! Love them, pray for them, if you can help them leave their sin do it, but for Heaven’s sake warn them that they are in danger! Congratulating a sinner for sinning is taking part in the sin.

Hat tip to Rev. Bob Fuller for inspiring part of this blog.