Are we free?

In once sense we are free to do whatever the laws of physics, and biology allow us to do. Yet we are not free.
Freedoms come with a cost. You are free to eat cheesecake all day long, but before long the lack of proper nutrition, excessive fat and calorie intake will cost you many of your freedoms. Obese people simply can not do the things that fit people can do. You are in once sense free to kill your boss, but your if your conscience don’t get you, you will have to hide from the police or, endure prison.  The people who we greatly admire were often free to do whatever they wanted with their spare time, but they would not have the practice, and self-discipline to get where they are today if they had not spent much of their time practicing the things that made them great;

One of the reasons I bring this up, is that I recently asked someone that if I could convince them that Christianity was absolutely true in an objective sense, would they become a Christian. Her answer was NO, because she wanted to be free to be herself.
Yes, Christians have a lot of rules in the Bible, but do we give up our freedom to be us when we become Christians? Only in the sense that a parent gives up many of their freedoms when they become a parent. Sure parents spend a lot of sleepless nights, sure they get less options about how they spend their money, but a tremendous love for their child makes it all worthwhile. They know that they, and the people that they love will be better off for their freedom sacrifice. In fact much of the time, it doesn’t even feel like a sacrifice at all.