Evil, and the opportunity for great good.

    No one likes evil. but it gives us something that few think about… The opportunity to shine.
Some of the most beautiful people on this planet see evil, and do great things.
Irena Sendler saw a great evil in the Nazi Holocaust. She took that great evil and made an opportunity, to do the work of God. at great risk to her own life she rescued 2,500 Jewish children. She was eventually caught, but endured the torture her Nazi guards inflicted on her rather than put the children she saved, and the families who were fostering them at risk. She narrowly escaped being killed for her great deeds.

While there are not nearly enough stories like hers, there were many who suffered to help the Jews during that evil time.
From our limited perspective nothing can make up for that terrible time, and the terrible evils that have taken place, but we can take heart that from great evil, great good can spring if we are willing and able to do the work that God put us on earth to do. If more Christians in this world were like Irena Sendler this world would be be much less evil. She is with God now, but her light still shines gloriously here on earth in the people she has helped to inspire!

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