Watch your Tongue

I recently read a comment by a liberal that said “The worst part is that he ended the debate civilly instead of being petty like other Republicans.”

I know from personal experience that it can be difficult to stay civil when you are debating someone who seems more comfortable with name calling, and lies, then they are the truth. I also believe that the comment above illustrates just how important it is that you try. You may feel that the person has earned a snippy comment or two, and I don’t blame you, because I have felt that way myself. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself what is more important, giving the person the attitude adjustment that you feel they deserve, or getting them to see the truth?
If they do reject your words, make sure it is the topic that they are rejecting, and not your snippy comments.

Redefining Marriage: Why Not?

Is it so ridiculous to suggest that we need an institution which insists that our children matter more than we do? Have we completely lost sight of the connection between sex and procreation? After all, there is a rather strong correlation between having a child and having had sex; there is an even stronger correlation between being human and having a biological mother and father.

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Why Religious Institutions Aren’t Taxed – Stand to Reason Blog

In “Religious Non-Profits, Plan Now for Tax-Exemption Battles,” Leslie Loftis explains why religious institutions aren’t taxed: The actual quote, from one of our earliest and most consequential Supreme Court opinions, McCullogh v. Maryland (1816), states, “The power to tax implies the power to destroy.” That mere implication of destruction defeated the government’s right to tax a federal bank in its borders.
Why Religious Institutions Aren’t Taxed – Stand to Reason Blog