Dogs and Cars

I have a dog that tries like crazy to chase any car that drives by. When I see the car coming I hold on to his leash tight and repeat the word no, over and over again until the car passes. I have seen him fight so hard to chase cars that the leash has made him do a backflip!  When the car is gone he actually makes a bark that lets me know that he is disgusted with me for stopping him. He does not understand that I do what I do for his protection.

He is a lot like humans in a way. There are certain things that we all like to do, but God says NO!  Some of us do the thing anyway, and at some point and time we catch up with the car, and then destruction comes. But even when we do listen, we often whine about it.  We just don’t seem to understand that he makes the rules he does, because he loves us, and don’t want us to get run over by that car we are desperately trying to chase.