Are You Relevant?

     A disclaimer, almost all groups in world history have been guilty of the crimes this article is referring to in one way or another, while some people groups are mentioned in this article, it isn’t really about them, it is about human nature, and learning from history. I have lived in Germany, and in a Muslim country, I don’t hate the people, I hate certain acts.

     A few weeks ago I watched a video of a woman who made an interesting point. She mentioned most of the mass murders   during the 20th century that took place on an almost genocidal level, most infamously the Nazis. She said that most of the Germans were nice people, but they were irrelevant. You see even though they were against what the Hitler regime was doing, most of them stayed at home, and minded their own business, not wanting to judge anyone. Almost all of them had to know of at least someone who had disappeared, Hitler didn’t just kill Jews (although he killed more of them than any other people group) he also killed; the infirmed of all races, people of African dissent, Gypsies, homosexuals, Polish people, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholic Priest, Christian Pastors, and anyone who resisted the Nazi ideology. Unless they were a hermit they all had to know that something fishy was going on, but few did anything.

Yes, I know that they were scared, so were some of my heroes who risked their lives, and some even lost theirs doing what they could do. Some smuggled Jewish babies to safety, some wrote and distributed pamphlets, and  some spoke out from the pulpit. Some did what had to be done despite their fear. Those who knew what was going on and did nothing were accomplices to the crimes of Hitler.
While I do not think that their ever existed a tyrant that was more well known then Hitler, many cultures are guilty of having people sit back and watch while terrible things occurred. It is happening again. I used to live in Turkey, so I know that nice Muslims exist, those who would not hurt a fly, but I also know of Muslims rioting over a cartoon, the World Trade Center, Benghazi, woman being killed because they were raped, which counted as adultery in the eyes of their killers, Christians including young children getting murdered….Where are the nice Muslims when this garbage happens? It is very rare that I hear of any of those speaking out against the crimes done in Allah’s name. It certainly doesn’t help matters any that our media, and the rest of the liberal elite try to disguise, and water down these crimes.

Our world is falling apart on many fronts, but we have immaterial weapons at our disposal; our prayer, our well informed minds, and our words. If those weapons are developed and used there is still hope. We MUST become  relevant!

Who Were the Five Million Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims?

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