Did a Concern for the Species Influence Our Moral Development?

Did a Concern for the Species Influence Our Moral Development?

Some people think that morals evolved, but imagine… A time before modern farming practice multiplied  food production, the only transportation method was your feet, if you wanted to eat you either had to hunt wild animals, or gather wild growing plants.
Now imagine your tribe is hungry, not just a little,but hungry enough to fear death. You have a lot of weapons, but just haven’t been able to find food.. You stumble across another tribe that has used up all their weapons, but has food to get them by, but only just enough. If they share both tribes will die of hunger. Under these conditions can you imagine the tribe with the weapons saying oh well, it looks like our whole family will die of hunger so that these other folks can live?  Even today times of great poverty inspire theft and murder, My imagination just isn’t that big.  Yet I think we can agree, at least when we are not the ones sacrificing our lives for the betterment of mankind when it will in no way benefit our family is an extremely moral thing to do. How on earth did that thing become moral if even in this day and age most people do not have the ability to do it?

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