Equally True?

Christians say that Jesus is God, Jews say he was a blasphemer, and Muslims say he was a prophet.
Yet some people say that all religions are equally true. How can that be? Three of the closest religions disagree about the identity of Jesus.  Jesus isn’t some small detail that can be overlooked like the color of the door on your place of worship. His identity is of primary importance .  It is not possible for Jesus to be a blasphemer, just a prophet, and God at the same time. At least two of these religions have to be wrong.

The only way all religions can be equally true is if they are all equally wrong!
The problem doesn’t end there. The people who hold to the belief that all religions are equally true want it to be true because they want all people to get to Heaven. In order to do that they would have to define atheism as a religion. But atheist say there is no God at all. God can not be both real, and not real at the same time. But both of those beliefs can not be false. There either is at least one God, or there is no God.  So no matter how you work it someone has to be wrong.