On Mother’s Day

To everyone with a happy intact family Happy Mother’s Day!
Today isn’t happy for some, Many kids were abused and neglected , some have mothers who have passed on, many tragically early.
For some woman this day is a reminder that they are unable to have children of their own, some have lost their kids via some tragedy. In these wild times broken families unfortunately are a common occurrence.   If you know your family and know that they love you do not take it for granted. It is a privilege that some do not have.

If your family is broken, and there is a chance to repair it, today is a good day to try.
Broken families are all to common, and as someone who has no birth mother to call I know how painful that is, but broken families do not have to break you. If today isn’t a day of celebration for you, find someone to celebrate. If you are a mother without a child, find a child without a mother and take them under your wing. If you are a child without a mother find a mother without a child, and love them.