Our Darkest Hours

I have had more then my fair share of tragedies in my life, both physical and emotional. Last night one of my pets died, and while it certainly not the worst tragedy in my life the thought that I will never get to hear my parrot Bo say “cracker” again is enough to bring me to tears.
The dark times, often make people question God, but others draw closer to him during those times. I am lucky enough that I was introduced to  apologetics very early in my Christian walk. I never wonder if he is there not even in my worst of moments. I draw my strength from KNOWING that one day I will get to hear the love of my life say ” Well done, good and faithful servant.”. It isn’t easy, but as long as I focus on him I will have the strength to move on.  My trials on Earth will not only make me stronger, and somehow even if I don’t yet see it some good will eventually come from it. These dark days will make me appreciate Heaven even more, because without back stabbers we would not know how special our true friends are, without discomfort we would not appreciate comfort, and without hunger we would not appreciate a wonderful meal.
I may be in physical and emotional pain right now, but thanks be to God I know that a brighter day is coming!

2 thoughts on “Our Darkest Hours

  1. You don’t need a god to know that when you are depressed, better days are coming. There is no reason to think that we should grieve less for our pets than for people. Despite the fact that your religion does not allow for animals in heaven, you are an animal. Grieving the loss of those beings around us and whom are important to us is natural. There is no god needed for that. It’s all natural.

  2. When you live in chronic pain like I do, many do need God to give them a reason to live. If I was a mere animal I would have been put to sleep by now.
    My religion says that God loves me,and I see no reason why God would not grant my request to see a pet I loved.
    I know we are all animals, but humans are more. If an animal were to kill someone it would not be the animal’s fault that is just the way things are, but if a human were to kill an innocent human on purpose we call that evil. People have responsibilities, abilities that mere animals do not have.

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