Jan. 32 Bible reading

Exodus 16-18

I could be considered a professional grumbler. I complain far to much, but compared to the Jews in today’s reading I don’t complain at all.

The Jews  following Moses had seen one miracle after another.  These were not miracles like we have today that can be explained away by people determined not to believe. They had been released from slavery, they had endured the plagues of Egypt. They saw the sea part, and that same sea come back together in time to drown the Egyptian Army that was chasing them.  God was present to them in a visible way. But yet they grumbled.  God had proven to them over and over again that he cared, yet they turned their backs on him at every opportunity.
This challenge that I am posting isn’t just to you the reader but to me as well. Reflect on your life and find one thing you grumble about entirely to much.  Challenge yourself to pray about that thing at least as much as you grumble. If you can work on the problem yourself, but ask God daily to help you with this problem.