Have you read the entire Bible, or just listened to the cliff notes?

I am mostly talking to people who have been a Christian for over a year. I will give brand new Christians, and Christians that have not yet entered High School a pass on this one.
Have you ever read the entire Bible from cover to cover, or at very least the entire New Testament?  If not, why not? Do you think that God is pleased with your reasons? If you read an average of 3 to 4 chapters of the Bible a day you can read the entire Bible in a year.
If you read just one chapter a day you could read the entire Bible in less then 4 years, and most of the chapters are pretty short.
Yet many Christians I have talked to in the past have never read the entire New Testament even though they have been Christians for numerous years. I have met senior citizens who have been Christians all of their lives and have never read it!
I find this incredibly sad!  While the words of humans can help us understand the Bible, we can not rely on just the words of our pastors.

When you start dating someone it would be really nice to have a cliff note book entitled “This is what you get if you date me.”.
For awhile the cliff notes would be enough, but if you actually start to fall in love with the person then you would thirst to know more, then if you get to the point where you want to marry that person, you should know enough to write a small book on that person.
The Bible  refers to Christians as being the Bride of Christ.  If we are truly to be married to Christ the Cliff notes given to us by our preachers is not enough.
We should be like teenagers in love giddy with excitement, and wanting to know more about our love. But instead many act like teenagers about to take an exam, you don’t have time to read the whole book you want just the cliff notes.