A Christian’s path can be Lonely

Genesis 2:18 (ESV) Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

God did not make us to be alone. Even in the Garden of Eden where Adam had a good relationship with God he recognized that he needed human companionship.  But in the world today that is easier said then done. In a sense we are strangers in a foreign land.
The things we think of as good, are evil in the eyes of others. We are looked at with some very unflattering stereotypes.
As someone who is unequally yoked (married to a non-christian) I feel the sting of this daily. In many areas of our life it is like we are moving in two different directions, but since we are yoked together we go nowhere. There is hope though. Eventually in any tug of war one person or team gets tired and the strongest gets to take the other where they want to go. It isn’t easy but I have Christ on my side, I have faith that as long as I lean on Christ, and journey closer to him, my husband will eventually feel Christ pull on his life. I am not there yet but if I can love my husband like Christ loves me things will get better. Christ love for me doesn’t depend on me deserving his love, Christ chooses to love me even when I am at my worst.  As a follower of Christ I must learn to love my husband even when I am angry with him.

We all must learn to be that way with society as well. When we are mad at society for looking down on us and everything they do to make us feel alone, we must remember while it is OK to hate the things they do, it is not OK to hate people. Christ loved us while we were still in our sins, we must do likewise to the rest of society. If we can make them understand how much we love them, they are more likely to listen to our words, when we tell them how much Christ loves them.

But until then we must not cut ourselves off from other believers! Communion with other believers helps us to refuel for our walk in society where people are sometimes less then friendly. That can take a lot out of a person. If man needed Eve, even when he had direct communion with God, we need human contact even more.