When they see you, they see our Christ.

Christianity should be judged by who Christ is, not what his alleged followers do, but why would non-Christians even look into what Christ is like?  They instead look at us to figure out what Christ is like, but there is a problem with this not everyone calls them self a Christian really is a Christian.  A huge percentage of the people in prison today claim to be Christian. Some of these might truly be born again, but many are just trying to butter up the parole boards. Then when these “Christians” get out of prison and show their true colors it really confuses people when they see murders, and thieves who say they are Christian.

They watch the news and hear reports of religious leaders who have touched children in a bad way, it understandably makes them angry! It makes me angry too!
Then there are Christians who are so hung up on God’s justice they have forgotten about Christ love.

We as the Body of Christ need to be more aware that when non-Christians look at us. They are making assumptions about what Christ is like. There is a saying that I used to hear a lot “If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” .    I want every Christian who reads this to think about that question, but don’t include your behavior on Sunday morning in this question , I want you to think of your behavior when you are at work, shopping , and all the other non-Church things you do. If the world doesn’t see you as a follower of a loving God during the week, why not?

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