How do you follow someone that you know very little about?

I will never understand people who have been Christian for years and still haven’t even read all of the New Testament.  Christians are supposed to love and follow Christ.  The Bible is the most reliable way to get to know who he is.  Our hearts can tell us some things, but if hearts were always reliable things like divorce would not exist.  Our preachers can tell us about him, but how do you know he is trust worthy? For almost every doctrine the Bible teaches there is a pastor somewhere that teaches the exact opposite, and his parishioners trust him every  bit as much as you probably trust yours. Even if you have never read the Bible if you have called yourself a Christian for a year or more, you have probably read many scattered verses in the Bible, but have you ever heard half a phone conversation and got really confused as to what the people on the phone were talking about?  Reading a verse out of context can be even more confusing then half a phone conversation.  I have witnessed to cultist before and it is incredible what kind of doctrines they can come up with by taking verses out of context.  PLEASE read your Bible, if not the entire Bible at least the entire New Testament. It is the only sure way of getting the truth about who Christ is, and what he wants for your life!

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