Preparing for Persecution – Thinking Christian

The world is changing on us. Tuesday night after the election results were made known, I tweeted this short word…

History teaches: Bad times are bad. Wrong decisions matter. Still God’s kingdom has survived and thrived in worse times; always will.

… and I went to bed. Wednesday morning I woke up very early, with a lot on my mind.

We have re-elected a President who supports abortion and same-sex “marriage,” whose health care program mandates violates religious freedom by requiring nearly all employers identifiable as “secular” to supply contraceptives (an affront to Catholic religious freedom) and chemical abortifacients (violence to all who believe in life at conception) at company cost to their employees. Same-sex “marriage” was approved by two states’ voters for the first time.

For years I have steadfastly resisted any trend to describe American Christianity under persecution, but I am changing my mind.

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Preparing for Persecution – Thinking Christian.