Salvation is free, but discipleship costs everything we have.

Many preachers make it sound like as soon as you become a Christian, you will have money coming out your ears, your health will be perfect, your family will be perfect… they make Christianity sound like a genie’s lamp with unlimited wishing. While Christianity will be a lot more then we can imagine once we get to Heaven, the purpose of this life isn’t to turn us into spoiled brats.  Most of could not handle having everything given to us on a silver platter yet. Jesus did not sacrifice himself to create a clique  of Paris Hiltons  (sorry Paris, I will say a prayer for you.) He sacrificed himself to create a group of warriors who are motivated by pure love to be a buffer between sinners and a cruel world that is diseased by sin. Just like many of the disciples had to walk away from their families to follow Christ, we will have to give up many things too. This is painful but just like soldiers are often brought to tears in boot camp, we will one day learn that every bit of pain we endured will be worthwhile.

Hat tip to Billy Graham for the title quote