God values our minds!

In Jude  we are told to contend (struggle or argue)  for the faith, because already at this early point in Christianity people were trying to pervert it. Ungodly people were leading them to deny Christ.  And true to prophecy it seems to be getting worse today. And like unreasoning animals many are following their false preachers to the slaughter. Many are denying Christ, calling things that God has called evil good.  We are called to love God with all our minds, but instead we go around  following the direction of the wind.

How are we supposed to contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the Saints, if we are putting more stock in what our preacher tells us then what the Bible tells us? I hear many of you objecting that you put the Bible before your preacher, but do you really?
Have you ever read the Bible from cover to cover? How about the New Testament have you read it? Have you even looked up the verses that your preacher read to you on Sunday in your own Bible and read the entire chapter that the verse was taken from?
If you have not done these things, you really need to ask your self whose message are you getting on Sunday, God’s or your preacher’s.

No preacher worth his salt will mind you doing a little extra Bible reading, if he does, GET OUT NOW! For that is a sure sign that he is not of God!
Your pastor is not the way to Heaven, Christ is! While you may get personal messages from God from time to time, the only way to know for certain that it isn’t your own personal wishful thinking is if you check out what the Bible says on that subject. If the Bible says what you are thinking is wrong, it isn’t God talking to you!