4 thoughts on “My Apologies

  1. Dear Wanda,

    I just read this and I ache for you. Please know I will be holding you up to the throne of grace. Please keep me updated.

    Anna Wood

  2. I had surgery on Friday. I am still a little sore especially when I bump my arm, which in turn bumps both of my surgical scars. But the Doctor is optimistic of my recovery. I will soon begin a drug regimen that will make me go through the change a little earlier then I am supposed to.
    While I will have to have radiation so far it looks like I will get to escape chemo which means I get to keep my hair.
    I just pray that this situation somehow brings Nyssa and Howard to the Throne of Grace. It would be worth every ounce of pain I have to endure to see my husband and daughter saved.

    1. Thank you for the details. I have been praying since you posted this a few days back. I’m so sorry you are ill. I will continue to do so…not only for you but also for your husband and daughter. I understand your pain for I too have a son who claims atheism. What you say is absolutely true: any price we pay is worth it that they might see God’s glory and come to repentance. Please let me know how you progress and if there is any particular way in which I can pray for you.



  3. The scary part of this is over. The thing I was most worried about was my gene test. If it had come back wrong it would have meant I had a 90 percent chance of getting both breast and uterine cancer. I would have ended up having major surgery to have all them all removed. That terrified me, but praise God I am going to be OK!

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