Stop using the Bible to disprove the Bible!

I understand when non-Christians misuse the Bible to prove the Bible wrong, they don’t have all the right information. But when people who say that they are Christians mis-use the Bible to prove that they are right and the Bible is wrong it makes me want to pull my hair out!  When you come up with a troublesome passage the answer isn’t to say I am right, and the Bible is wrong,  The answer is to get the information you need to harmonize the information with the rest of the Bible.  If you are a Christian it is perfectly OK to ask questions about the passages you don’t like from people who have studied the issue. It is OK to voice doubt about some of the troublesome passages of the Bible. But when you start saying I am right and the Bible is wrong you have crossed a line, if you are absolutely sure the Bible is wrong on the issues you disagree with it on. You are a selfian, a follower of self and not of Christ!