When I say judge, I don’t mean…..

I think I have confused some with my talk of judging.
When I say judge I could be talking about negative judging like making your child stand in a corner, or I could be talking about taking your child out for pizza because you are proud of the report card they brought home, that is judging too.

I don’t mean nit picking every little thing a person does to death. Not everything is worthy of judgement.

I certainly don’t mean condemning someone to Hell. We should be as nice as possible when we judge.

What I do mean is recognizing that some behaviors are just plain dangerous, and life devistating.
If you see someone who is stumbling drunk get behind the wheel of a car you should stop them, or prepare to live with the knowledge that you could have saved a life or two, but you chose to stay silent and watch good people die.
Do it with love, but when you see someone who is doing something dangerous to themselves or others you need to step up and at least say something.